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The Sun and The Moon
Ngày đăng: 03.12.2015 15:08
Thứ năm, 03.12.2015 15:08

The Sun and the Moon lived in a cave. No light of the Sun or Moon came out of the cave. Only the stars shone in the sky.

The Sun and the Moon lived in a cave. No light of the Sun or Moon came out of the cave.Only the stars shone in the sky.
The Sun and the Moon got tired of living in the cave together. It was to crowed. The Sun said to the Moon, "I am the father of all life. It is not right for me to be together with you in a cave. Go away and leave this cave for me."

"Where can I go?" asked the Moon. "I have no other home." she said.

"Go into the sky," answered the Sun. "There is plenty of space for you in the big, blue sky."

The Moon was sad, but she left the cave. She was scared to be in the big, blue sky. 
She was only a thin, silver moon. She hid behind the clouds. Later she wasn`t so scared. Little by little she showed her whole face. Everyone said it was beautiful.

The Sun saw the Moon in the beautiful, blue sky and got angry. The little Moon was in a better place then he was! He ran out of the cave and jumped into the sky.

Whe she saw the Sun coming, the Moon got scared and ran away. She kept looking back at the Sun. Soon nobody saw the moon.

Now the Sun had the whole sky to live in. He sent his wonderful light in all directions. He warmed the cold Earth. Green plants and beautiful flowers began to grow. People danced and prayed to the Sun.

But the Sun was lonely. No one came near him. He had no one to talk to. The Sun wanted to find the Moon. The Sun went to look for her.

The Moon was hiding in the old cave. When the Sun came near the cave, the Moon ran out.

"Oh, Moon," shouted the Sun. "Where are you going? Why do you leave when I come near? Dear Moon, do not go away again!"

The Moon did not wait for the Sun. She went quickly into the sky. When the Sun came into the sky, the Moon left.

To this day the Sun cannot catch up with the Moon. Sometimes the Moon turns her cold face toward the Sun and passes quietly in front of him.

Now the Sun and the Moon take turns sleeping in the cave. Each day they travel seperately through the sky.

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